Ayia Thekla Beach is original and cozy beach, which occupied a wide shore in a picturesque little bay. Calm and quiet Ayia Thekla beach can be an excellent alternative to active beaches of Ayia Napa. On the spacious shore usually rest a small number of visitors. There is enough space to freely sit on the sand and walk along the shore. The beach is well suited for families with children.

The central part of Ayia Thekla Beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Ayia Thekla Beach, central part

Ayia Thekla Beach Description

Beach occupies a coast 300 meters long with a maximum width of 35 meters in the central part of the beach. The coast is covered with clean, bright and soft sand with a pleasant golden shade. Closer to the edges the beach shore becomes much narrower, forming a light sandy ledge in the center. East edge of the beach edges a rocky cliff stretching into the sea. Western edge represents stones protruding from the water. Just behind the central part of the beach there are green lawns and palm trees planted along the coast. The natural design of the beach forms a pleasant landscape, enveloped in an atmosphere of peace.

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Clean soft sand of Ayia Thekla Beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Clean soft sand of Ayia Thekla Beach

Water entry is flat with a shallow depth. There are pitfalls in some places at the edges of the beach. The sea at Ayia Thekla is clean and transparent. Opposite the beach, not far from the shore, a little island appears from the water. It serves as a natural breakwater and protects the beach from the waves. The sea washes up light sand on the island. You can sail here to sunbathe.

Green lawn behind Ayia Thekla Beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Green lawn behind Ayia Thekla Beach

Advantages of Ayia Thekla Beach

In terms of cleanliness, ecological compatibility and safety Ayia Thekla beach complies with all EU standards and is granted the Blue Flag certificate. There is a rescue squad on duty and a medical center on the beach. There are toilets, cabanas and shower with fresh water (on a paying basis). There is a rental center of lounges and parasols in the tent on the bank. At the back of the beach shore two unpaved parking lots are provided. The parking area occupies far more territory than would have been necessary even during periods of maximum load on the beach. Therefore, they always have empty lots. Also there are special parking lots for bicycles. Speaking about beach activities Ayia Thekla offers rental centers of sports and recreational water equipment, water skiing and banana-boating. A beach volleyball court is located on the sand.

Wedding ceremonies on Ayia Thekla Beach

Ayia Thekla beach belongs to the Municipality of the Sotira village. Municipality Governance is trying very hard to make their best beach more comfortable for visitors. Beach infrastructure is gradually improved and complemented by relevant services. The Municipality chose the service of wedding ceremonies on the shore by the sea as one of the ways to popularize the beach. The pretty small Sotira Municipality Beach Chapel for Civil Weddings is solemnly decorated with flowers, romantic and festive attributes for beach weddings. Another way to attract holidaymakers is a price-cutting for beach services. The cost of sun loungers rent, showers and beach activities at Ayia Thekla is slightly lower than on the beaches of Ayia Napa.

East Coast Beach, Ayia Thekla overlooking the church, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
East Coast Beach, Ayia Thekla overlooking the church

At the back of the lawns there is a Nissaki Ayia Thekla Beach Bar & Restaurant. The restaurant occupies a two-storey building. Visitors can relax in the enclosed dining room on the ground floor or stay at tables under umbrellas at the restaurant. There is a bar with an outdoor terrace on the second floor. In addition to drinks the bar offers to enjoy the pleasant beach and sea view from the height. The Nissaki restaurant serves simple but well-cooked and served courses of Mediterranean cuisine. A small bar with drinks is located closer to the shore.

Beach bar and cafe Nissaki at Ayia Thekla, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Beach bar and cafe Nissaki at Ayia Thekla

On the rocky ledge from the east side of the beach a Church of a considerable healer of the early Christian period, St. Thekla (Agia Thekla) is build. The beach is named as a tribute to her. Water bubbling from a source at the Temple and clay at the source are considered curative. Near the Church there is an entrance to a cave carved in the cliff. A little to the west of the church you can observe the remains of an ancient settlement.

The Church Ayia Thekla, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
The Church Ayia Thekla, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

How to get to the Ayia Thekla Beach?

Ayia Thekla beach is located six kilometers west of Ayia Napa. You can easily reach the beach by going out of the city along the main Nissi Avenue. Closer to the Sotira village the avenue will extend to the Agia Thekla Street. You should continue moving in the same direction and at the “Agia Thekla Beach” signpost you will need to turn left on a country road. It will lead you to the beach.

Hotels near the Ayia Thekla Beach:
Dome Beach Hotel 4* (1800 meters to the east →)
Asterias Beach Hotel 4* (1900 meters to the east →)

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