Nissi Bay Beach is by all means the most popular beach of Ayia Napa, and the fame of this beach extends far beyond the Cyprus Island. Nissi Bay Beach is located in a cozy bay, the eastern part of which is occupied with the Nissi Beach with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and the western part of the bay with a rocky island is occupied with the bustling and active Nissi Bay.

Entrance from parking to the beach Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Entrance from parking to the beach Nissi Beach

Nissi Bay beach coast is covered with silky white sand, surrounded by nature of magnificent beauty and lush green of trees and palms. The sea here is quite shallow with a sandy bottom. Most of the time the sea surface closed from winds by a little island remains calm.

Bright sand and shallow water of Nissi Bay Beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Nissi Bay Beach coastline, light sand and shallow waters

A small island is located in the center of the bay, it protects the Nissi Bay and the Nissi Beach from waves and strong winds. A sand bank leads to the island; depending on tidal motion, it rises above sea level or completely goes under water.

Nissi Beach and Nissi Bay aerial view, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Nissi Beach and Nissi Bay – aerial view

There is a rental center of jet skies and catamarans around the island; also here you can enjoy water skiing, banana-boating or parasailing. A platform for diving is organized on the highest point of the island. Jump height can vary from 3 to 5 meters.

Nissi Bay Beach is in the top rankings and is one of the best beaches in Europe, it meets all standards of Blue Flag certificate and its infrastructure and service brilliantly cope with serving a large number of visitors: there are few rental centers of beach equipment rental, sanitary zones, pay showers with fresh water and cabanas.

Five-star hotel Nissi Beach Resort is located near the beach. Along the coastline Nissi Bay Beach is surrounded by many taverns and snack bars offering all sorts of drinks and hot food to visitors, as well as restaurants and beach bars where music is constantly playing.

Nissi Beach Resort offissial site

Hotel Nissi Beach Resort, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Hotel Nissi Beach Resort

Nissi Bay Beach and its surroundings are full of different entertainment facilities suited to every fancy. The most popular facility among holidaymakers is the famous Nissi Bay Beach Bar, which holds a variety of the most widespread in Cyprus discos with competitions, foam parties and famous DJs’ performances.

Nissi Bay Beach Bar official site 
Nissi Bay Beach Bar on facebook

In the height of the holiday season, when in Ayia Napa, Cyprus recognized youth capital and one of the most popular resorts for young people in the world “party people” come from all over Europe, Nissi Bay Beach has no rest throughout the day and night. In the daytime the beach is literally filled with visitors, for whom all the conditions for an active beach vacation, entertainment and sports are created. In the evening, when the Nissi Bay Beach is abandoned by vacationers who prefer a quiet evening leisure, and the coast passes into full possession of active and cheerful youth, Nissi Bay holds a variety of beach discos and parties, bars and taverns are “warming up” the visitors with groovy dance music. All the fun continues until late night and often up to the sunrise.

Panoramic views of Nissi Bay Beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Panoramic views of Nissi Bay Beach

Nissi Bay Beach is perfect for a joyful youth recreation. Energetic and active atmosphere of the beach is just made for those who cannot imagine a beach holiday without the hot music, dances, movements and other entertainments.

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